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These little description boxes are always so awkward for me, mostly because I have a hard time with who I am sometimes. I have a kind heart and the best of intentions. I give as often as I can, not that I have much to give, but I know what it feels like to have nothing. I turned 23 on 12/12/12. I've always been a poet. I recently started collecting hipster art. I love tattoos, music and smoking hookah. I have a slight addiction to iced coffee. I work in a print shop. I drive a 98' Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with a "Nobody cares about your stick figure family" sticker on the back window. I'm loyal. I'm open minded. I'm just me.

About My Navel

A round deep pit upon my skin
It's not an outtie, it sinks in
It's dark and damp and occasionally smelly
It's the hole at the bottom of my belly


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