Caught Up In The Missing

caught up in the missing

all of the little things

the way that morning treated you

and every conversation

laughter, and that smile

those eyes, the lies 

the closeness that i used to feel

your sweet, soft breath matching mine

the way you said my name sometimes

the time that went by to quickly

I even find myself holding out for you

caught up in the missing

it is hard to want anything

having had all that you wanted 

and I did I cherished it

never took for granted 

all the little things, your soft kisses

the promises and compromises 

Every problem we ever faced 

getting rent paid,

every goal we set and reached

the future you said that you wanted

caught up in missing

the way you changed

how you chose to leave

the ending and why it happened

the things I shoul've said

caught up in missing


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running_with_rabbits's picture

I love this! we have all been

I love this! we have all been caught up in the missing, it is so relateable!


thanks for the share

Much Love


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thank you for posting

Glad you liked it.  This is always going to hold me emotionally as it did when I felt the need to write it.  Thank you for reading it.  I'm glad you liked it.



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I think we have thos epoems which stay relevant and bring us right back to the place we were when we wrote them and when that happens it shows, it comes out somehow in the arrangement of the words and those who read them just feel that extra umph behind the poem 




Much Love