Someday Maybe...

If I'm the guy who waits,
is there some way?
Cause here I am, I was, I remain.
The aging clocks face,
ticks out each second passed,
and here I am regardless.
Caught up in fairy tale nostalgia,
forgiven all the wrongs, hurt endured,
selecting only the best and cherished
fleeting flickers of glimpses
at night just as I fade
to the place where you still come
there too, not always pleasant.
Sometimes I wake and ache so bad
but the cause of that is you
Will I ever turn you out, face away?
Is this time squandered, wasted, fruitless?
Or one day are we going to be, again?
Am I okay with no love unless, unless...
if nothing changes, distance remains,
who to blame but my own cowardice.

Some day, one day, maybe, hearts can change.

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orangejumpsuit's picture

this seems crazy

but heres my number... 12

WhatIAmOrWillBe's picture

12? umm,... okay.

I don't know if that is a compliment or simply a random comment meant to confuse.  Either way I guess... thanks.