Manifest This Lonesome Man

Right now, again I can’t take a breath
And the longing that I’ve been holding back
It is set loose to wreak more havoc
Welcome and expected the beautiful aftermath
Knowing the sadness for what it is
Embracing the bitterness rising up again
Now manifest myself this lonely man
Still hoping and foolishly longing after her
The woman I know I thought I might have loved
Knowing she doesn’t want him she doesn’t love him
More time is squandered and that time adds up
Bit by bit wasted on the woman he knows
I am okay with wasting away
Because I know I thought I really loved her
And I feel happiest when I am living in the past
Always longing
Always looking back
So I manifest myself this lonesome man
All he has lost and all he regrets
All the while knowing deep within my breast
She is not coming she is forever going
She is never coming back
Manifest myself this man
Exactly where I am at.

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SpecialSense's picture

I really enjoy your word

I really enjoy your word choice. This is gorgeous.

WhatIAmOrWillBe's picture

Thank you.

I often come back to this one, feeling it is needing some polishing up... Thank you for taking the time to read it, and then post as you have done. I appreciate it immensely.


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That "polishing up" is

That "polishing up" is something I do often. Not only with my writing, but all of my other art as well. You are welcome!