As Lovely As I Let You Be

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"As Lovely As I Let You Be" by: JRFehlmann

Upon imaginary wings,
Three beats beneath
Creation's favor
As lovely as You are
Truest green, your eyes,
the secrets,
unique reasons
You smile, isn't for me

As lovely as I let you be
As lovely as I allow
Given wings,
You above, Me
Behind, beneath

Use these eyes for once
See what I can find
what needs belief
I believe because its you
you can be something
little or as grand

As I want from you

Someone pure
Unique to a world
offered up to you
your beautiful face
As I gaze up
to you, my new heaven

As lovely as I will never be.

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This one is my favorite of

This one is my favorite of yours so far. For whatever reason it reminds me a bit of "Heart-shaped Box" by Nirvana.