Capsized in an ocean of feeling

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Here we are
Grey waters
Swells heaving
Crashing continuosly
Over, over, sinking
Lost, capsized
In an ocean of feeling
Such bitterness
Cold, grey waters
My world, our ship
Taken, torn,
Slipping in
Capsized, feelings
Going down with a ship
A lost cause
Because of you
Sails lost winds
only to be torn apart
when winds of change hit
breaking masts; match sticks
to the crushing weight
of your caress
the lack therein
Abandon ship
A chance if only
Gaining purchase upon
Or cling to foolishly
a fractured fragment
of the lost
the capsized emotions
gasping, choking, calling out
Washing up on the shores
of an island of confused loss
Capsized in an ocean of feeling

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titanic!!! last line needs a

titanic!!! last line needs a fix but good write!! cheers SS

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