The Other Me I Become

Close your eyes for me Son
Please, so You won’t see Me
The Other Man I become
Selfish is He; Uncontrollable
All that He wants in life
Is nothing I want for you Son.
He seeks no memories,
Nothing as important,
As numbing what haunts a Man.
The Other Me I Become
Heavens I can see,
Blue skies above.
And I believe,
Demons reside beneath,
Deep below my feet.
Where do you want Me?
As a man I have to halves,
Good and Bad,
Is the middle where you want me?
Unable to make two halves meld
can a Man make two halves of himself mend,
make them One whole?
Neither a saint or a lost soul
it seems, I am to be.
But neither am I at peace with the way I can be two faces.
Innocent, Genuine, Unique...
and Foolish, and Misguided, Addicted
One Half says: I Am.
Then the Other Man I Become: Could Have Been.
I hate that man, Other Man, I am; Or will become.
The Half of me that is Reason; Believes, He’s Decent.

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