The Making of the Shaman Child

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A friendless childhood can cause one to
---Feel grateful to wild blueberry plants,
---And feel hailed by fluttering leaves,
---To hug the corner of a tall building ---cold, masonry embrace,
---And see lovers in still, furry, bodies
as one speeds by,
a passenger in the father's car, thinking,
'that might have loved me, had it lived'.
---To wish that strange looking power lines were evidence of alien worlds,
(That I might escape to).

Yes, even 'roadkill' and telephone poles are signposts on the shaman child's path!

Also needed is an artist's eye to measure the world,
A poet's ear to listen for hints,
And the brain's search to find patterns everywhere.
---Add bewilderment in this worldly wilderness.
Thus is the shaman child designed.

..........Dreams must come........
---Dreams so like a parable that one thinks
There must exist the Other..........the Author.

In truth,
Signs and omens can only be gathered in a bowl
Carved out by emptyhandedness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

literally truthful reminiscences.

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