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My fortune cookie said,
     "The dream is within".
Elated, I took it to mean
     Your dream is ready to manifest.

Not so fast....

I dreamed last night that
     "Fortune cookies carry virus's".
But tell me, what about the saying was so wrong?
Where the Trojan Horse in those good words?

Is my 'inside' the reality?
And my 'outside' what I must awaken from?

I've heard this....I expected this....but,
I didn't know I was at this Fork in the Road. meditation
     Is less Illusion than 'real life'?

Am I ready for that?
It's where I was headed
But am I now there?

Me, the child of Sceptics with the Sceptic's sword
     in my side.

Can I cross this deep divide?




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Real fortune cookie. Real dream the next night

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Helena Radic's picture

Beautiful ! Different from any other poem i read in a long time, and i must say - Im simply Impressed !!!! :-)

wemni's picture

Belated thanks for your

Belated thanks for your supportive comment. Postpoems doesn't reliably notify me when someone comments, at least that seems to be the case.

coffeewithleonardcohen's picture

Oh wow, I just came across

Oh wow, I just came across this. Eerie, shocking, and... funny. Everything I could ever ask for.

wemni's picture

your comment on postpoems

Hi! I was just looking at my postpoems account and I have found that I had set the settings wrong and so, I think, was not being apprised of comments. So......If I never responded to you about this poem, I sure am sorry. And it was such a cool comment too. Eerie and shocking! Thank you, coffeewith leonardcohen