One......(Yes, I AM a Hot House Flower)

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Yes, I AM a hot house flower
Not a tumbleweed
   * * * *
I will set one captive free.
   * * * *
Survey over!! No need of influence from you.
I remember I once had something to show you:
     "Put me DOWN."
          "Let ME try."
               "WATCH me."
   * * * *
I can find the 'sweet spot' anywhere.
   * * * *
Having striven with angels on so many occasions
And having vanquished,
Of the shining shadows..;
Yet will I set one captive free.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Here, the captive is myself. If we don't want to add to 'the blind leading the blind', we can start the healing, the rescue, with ourselves. The "watch me" lines, are the natural impulse of the toddler, having the appropriate appreciation of the opportunity that incarnation affords us.

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