I feel like I'm losing it,

I know it, i'm going insane.

All this pain

Rushing to my brain

Maybe i should end it...

"Life's a bitch and then you die"

So why just sit around and cry?

If i jump no one will follow

So i might as well just go with the flow.

Theres so many ways

To make it go away.

I could make a slit

And watch the blood drip.

All the horrible pain

Makes it all wash away.

But then again, what if things change?

no... it will never happen.

I'll just be making their lives easier

They'll never look back

But that's alright

I'm leaving here

See you when I get there

Don't worry, though i'll save you a seat,

That will be the only time we'll meet.

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Joe Logsdon's picture

It's a good poem :) But suicide isn't work it...Keep your head held high, that sounds stupid but that's what ya need to do ;)

Catherine's picture

hey....ur the only one who really knows how i've felt lately....and i said i could relate to one of ur poems, and i bet u guessed which one. this is a good poem and it explains a lot. i understand it completely and i know i feel like that a lot....which isn't good but its true. keep writing.

Aubs's picture

......Suicide.......You better just be really mad lol. I LOVE YOU!!! remember that

Irina K's picture

i dont like it cuz i dont want u thinking bout suicide even tho i do lol. other than that its a good poem. dont commit suicide or ill hurt u lol. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!