nothing really, now.

it all pales in comparison somehow.

to move towards what cannot be seen, yet.

placing steps in front of the other,

but nothing's a definite set.

dry spell. garden well.

only time will never tell.

do you care to even listen?

i know the attention is lost.

you're not even looking this way, so what's the spectacle?

if no one sees it, it's uncorrectable.

there really is no meaning to any of this.

i've lost the feeling to all of the limbs,

and i'll witness them fall from their place.

no one's out there to even catch what happened.

it all sounds the same from here, looks the same from here,

it's all the same from here. it'll never change, never fear.

it makes no difference if it's never different.

pull up the blinds. pull down the eyelids.

don't ask why we've never tried this.

everytime it all seems to be running smoothly, it all breaks back down.

could there be a reason why? it's cursed to never go along this way at all.

is it keeping me away from something or leading me towards another thing?

change-of-pace. changing life. but it's never close to moving right.

however, moving from the wrong direction and closer to something else.

which may eventually lead towards the right direction.

right people. right place. right time.

replace me in the work but not in the mind.

this is what really matters, not anything else.

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