assembly line

standing in line, single filed.

on a solitary platform stands the majority

until they decide

to move them up or to cast them below

the common criminals assume the role.

they're moving them all down these days

underneath the skin of life, I.

while they all stand above it all

dwell on who i was, not who i am right now

it's everything about this world i'll never stand for

sometimes keeping it to myself, other times letting them feed off of me

but i'm too afraid to stand above this, not here and now

sometimes i feel above it, other times buried by it, unable to escape

but one day is the day i destroy it, the day i cast all of this down

sometimes i crawl, other times i've fallen, but today i shall stand above you

i never promised you anything

just like you've never given me anything, except for what i've never needed

right now i don't need you, you're just like everyone else, aren't you?

death is just something worth living for

life is just something worth dying for

but why live when you're already dead?

and why die if you don't want to live again?

death kills all concept of life, and life is nearing closer to death.

i'll never forgive you, even after all of this.

There’s got to be someone left now I’m gone

you'll have to find somebody else now.

and the cycle goes on and on, nobody forgets.

never reaching an end, until the earth fades.

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