i can't believe i thought i loved you

i can't believe i thought you did too

you've wasted so much of my time

i would have been better off without

it all looked so great from the outside

but it was rotting to the core

dragged each other through all of this

i won't go through this again

i used to want to move the world for you

now i won't even lift a finger

we should have never been together

i won't make the same mistake

it was never meant to be

why didn't i see this?

it was all too fast, too close

now it's dead end, and far away

why did i believe in you?

why did i put my trust in you?

why did i even care about you?

when it was all just leading nowhere

when it was bound to just bring me down

if you were done with me so long ago

why didn't you even let me know?

instead of leading me along

so at least then i couldn't have wasted my time

thinking it was going somewhere

who knows if things would have been better

if this wouldn't have happened

but now it has

and we have to move on

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