My Eagle, so strong, so gentle. He watched me silently from atop his mountain peaks. He watched, as I roamed his mountains, searching every path, resting beside each cascading waterfall, waiting, watching the blue skies, hoping he would come.

I sat upon Gods riverbanks and breathed the freshness of earth. I called out through the valleys where my echo still remains calling, calling... "Come, my Eagle".

Take me upon your wings, carry me where you fly, so I may view the beauty of life through your eyes. Teach me to fly, so that one day I may carry you to new heights.

Let us learn to fly in unison, the breadth, the depths, the heights of life.

Let us have Faith in our flight. Let us be strong in communication of kindness, love and laughter.

Let us be this.

Let us be more, than this.

Let us, be.

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Lesa Gay's picture

To see the world in unison through the eyes of an eagle. What an inspirational, reaching, powerful piece! Very beautiful in its meaning and in its visual impact. ~Lesa~

Anwer Sher's picture

Really loved the imagery. WOW.

Melvin Lee's picture

A meaningful prayer-like masterpiece, laced with a deep sense of spiritual faith and understanding... Wowowo.... only U can pen it so well, Val.. Smilesz..

Jennifer Kalicharan's picture

WOW!!! Was I soaring.......great poem...

gentle's picture

Absolutely lovely! Imagine, seeing the world through the eyes of such a magnificent bird. This was really well done & a very intelligent read. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Carla Mobley's picture

Beautiful poem/song. But beware! Eagles are birds of prey.

Roz Turner's picture

Hiya Great piece of poetry here! I loved the read! Great work Roz :)

Ali Saad's picture

Excellent piece of poetry, Valerie! Ali

Daphne Sullivan's picture

I loved this one....the style and the way it looks on the page. Perfect!

Vladimir Andrianov's picture

Impressive! Really great! Way to go!!!!

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Valerie, Another very beautiful poem! I love the nature int hsi, the imagery is beautiful! Lovely and majestic poem!

hawksquaw99's picture

the eagle si teh power of the Great Spirit.... the connection to the Divine...this was such a wonderful piece.....