Let not our words, but our life, speak of the religions we follow. Let us all learn to live a life of simplicity and sympathy, of humility, love, service, and self-realization. May our lives be as a reflection of all that is good and glorious within us. For it is these simple things in life which are most fragrant, and make life worth living.

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Just my thinking.

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Re-visiting "The Way of Life"
to see more of the road left
untravelled; and the harvest
left in the field of life!
Always a striking piece!


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"THE WAY OF LIFE" is a powerful, supplicatory piece, Valerie! The following line defines the simple path of the piece: "Let us all learn to live a life of simplicity and sympathy, of humility, love, service, and self-realization..." Then, let our way of life find peace and fulfillment in the essence of God's loving spirit and wholeness. Valerie's "THE WAY OF LIFE" therefore calls us to loving civility and humility. Let us heed this heart-felt call if we are to remain humane within the depths of our beings. Thank you so much, Flower, for letting us know "THE WAY OF LIFE"! Ugonna Wachuku

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BRAVO!! For people have forgotten what really matters in life. Great poem.

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I've been reading from the random sheet as I usually do and find the frustration and anger alarming, especially in so many of the younger writers. This was really refreshig and uplifting. I should have known it was you right away. Very nice indeed. Have you ever read "Grandfather" by Tom Brown Jr.? Did I ask you that before. I think you would really like it. I did. See you on the fun way pretty lady!!

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I share the same thought ,Valerie ! Ali

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This is so true. For people now are so self-engrossed. No one seems to give from the heart any more. And material possession seem to be what people judge you by. Nice poem. Great message.

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let not our words, but out lives, speak of the religions we follow...... what a way to start a poem..... I loved this one... well thought out.... and it is the simple things in life that I find the most fulfilling.... wonderful job with this... you should be very proud.... Renee'