I Am Your Butterfly

Love Poems

I am your butterfly

Come follow me

Spread your wings

And feel the wind

Up, down, Up, down

Can you see the colors

That I bring

Up, down, up, down

Can you smell the fragrance

In the air

I am your true love

Like your Butterfly

Together, let us fly!!

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workm's picture


Buterflys I love..just because..it's what they do..you see it to..
Lovely and beautiful..all the time..a part of life..this I find..
We always look..Hey, look there..a gental butterfly..in the air..
You're a butterfly..that I see..soft and sweet..I believe..

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

great piece and I've always felt butterflies are messengers. I know they have been for me..

heatherburns35's picture

lovely butterfly...great poem...
keep up the nice work..love this
poem. h