It Would Have Been So Easy

It would have been so easy, to fall in love with you

If it was all up to me, I would gladly love you too

But life is full of mysteries, no easy way to go

Cuz having you will only, bring sorrows, and although

Just looking at your eyes, you melt my soul in two

And when we touched, I felt a strange sensation too

I'll never forget, that night we said hello

But then what can I do, how come I'm feeling so blue

It would have been so easy, had fate insisted that

It's you and me forever, until we turn to grey

To watch the sunsets, until it turns to fire red

And dying in your arms, is all I want to do

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heatherburns35's picture

very beautiful...Who knows what
fate has to say about it....
I guess that is the way it has
to be...good job...h