Only In My Dreams

Love Poems

I dreamt of us last night

Holding hand in hand by the sea shore

Both in blues, we match the color of the sea

Both so happy, we were so much in glee

We did not speak, nor hugged nor kissed

Looking at each other, was enough for us

We can be in a room with people all around

All we know is that, we will never be apart

I dreamt of us last night

Your big brown eyes gazed at mine

I felt a cartain sadness in the end

Cuz I only get to see you in my dreams

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MsBlue's picture

Beautiful Dream Poem!


 I love this piece...Beautiful dream poem!  =) 


heatherburns35's picture

Hi V, to bad things only happen
in our dreams...Very nicely written...
I enjoyed very much...Keep up the good