Don't Fall In Love With A Poet

Never fall in love with a poet,
So you are told so you are warned,
You'll always think that their poems are yours,
Only to find out that it is written for all.

Don't give your heart to a poet,
Because she will only break it apart,
You'll always think that it is truly yours,
Only to find out that it is promised into folds.

But she will haunt you, you will never forget,
The words she whispers, you can never erase,
So be careful, when you fall in love,
Leave the poet to the wind,
And just make her your friend.

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heatherburns35's picture

Hi V, It is so true people are infatuated with words.
They take them personally far too often...In writing
that is lesson to learn...Do not be taken in by a poet...
Words are powerful...And if a good poet, they can pull you in...and in...and in....too late...haha...h

Afzal Shauq's picture

Don't give your heart to a poet
Cuz she will only break it apart
You'll always think, that it is truly yours
Only to find out, that it is promised into folds

what a romantic truth is this? i really enjoyed this poem a lot as its enough heart touching one and...great and meaningful..lovely poem which is re[resenting your inner self and soul

vilmazab's picture

Yes Vilma,there is the tragedy of mistaking the individual and the persona. However, poets too, are capable of true love..From.. Milton Manyaas..

heatherburns35's picture

Hi V,,,This can also apply to male poets...
good know who...

vilmazab's picture

Thank you Milton, I never doubted it for a second, but getting these comments from all of you, just shows that love is the most Universal Theme of all ages.The most felt, the most talked about, and we all jumped to defend it, from poets like me,hahahahah...