Too Late For Me To Keep

Love Poems

I said a little bit later

I'll fall in love with you

I said I had to have time

So my emotions are calm

I said a little bit later

I will see you again

It does not have to be today

As long as we have our tomorrows

A promise to myself

Knowing you will always be around

But is a little bit later

Too late for me to keep

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heatherburns35's picture

Hey, I like it very much. You keep getting better and better. Too late for me to keep, sometimes it gets to
be that way, doesn't it.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

this piece sparks my curiosity.Is it about someone who wants to have a relationship with you? I can fully understand your point of missing hubby with at true love rare to find and caution if it is about someone else pushing for a relationship. I know I will never love another in this life as I love my John..I thank god everyday he gave me the blessing of him in my life that's for sure..