Dying Young


Years, will never make you old

Lines, will never be etched in your face

You came, so handsome and so dignified

You left, as handsome with your head up high

Dying young, I was not that prepared

Even in death, you cheat them with your smile

But like what you said, let me die in peace

No pain, your prayers are answered too

I never thought, I'd see the day when I

Will envy you, the way you bid goodbye

To go, with all your love ones there

To go,knowing that I still care

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heatherburns35's picture

Hi V, it's not meant for us to understand...
Dying young, it seems like an awful waste...
You have expressed it very lovely.

Mss KaNaka's picture

"with all your love ones there"
I think you forgot the 'd' in love to make it 'loved'.
Lovely poem Ms Zaballero.