November 1 and 2...

Love Poems

It's time to visit you again, it's time to remember you once more, I'll buy your flowers once again, some candles will complete the scene. Not much to clean or wipe some dust, cuz where you are is a lovely place, on top of a beautiful hill is where you are, with blinking lights and windy breeze. I'll see familiar faces along the way, I wonder if they will be there, you see, their loved ones are not from here. To your left is from Japan, and to your right is from Switzerland.Last year, no flowers abound their space, I even had to share...So I hope a friend or a relative will come, cuz it is so lonely to watch their box, shining white in marbled box, but just the same, no one is there.

So don't you worry my only man, you are lucky I'm still around, with all our kids so far away, the time will come when we too, shall be one, and times like this when I shall join you, I hope a neighbor will be as kind as I, to share her flowers and her light, so we can shine, until the dawn will come.

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heatherburns35's picture

Some people are very lucky
to have you to remember them.
So often loved ones are forgotten.
If I should remain, and be there
I would surely share my flowers
with your loved ones. It would
be my pleasure. Very nice