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Amidst chaotic sorroundings, dirty politicians, stupid rules and ignorant people, I feel blessed that I still see and have the pleasure of knowing these helpful, unselfish, and dedicated friends, who never tire lending their hand in the pursuit of making a place, a beautiful haven to live in.They are not paid, they are not even acknowledge, they are not given medals, or accolades to honor them. They are just like all of us, young and old, they meet once a month to see, investigate, and solve what ever problems, there is that lurks our place.They talk, thay laugh, they try to be happy, and even find some funny lines in between problems that thay meet.

Once in a while, I am able to thank them for doing the ungrateful job that is in their lap, but it is not enough, I know, my words are nothing compared to the mountains of problems they still face.I am happy to be with them tonight, a wishful dream, comes to my mind, may all our request be granted, may we achieve at least half of what we asked, may the people in our area realized, that it is in bonding together, and understanding each other, and meeting in our minds, that we will someday see the fruits of all our labors.

But I am sad to note, that not one of those dear friends of mine, know that I exist, the way that I am, as a poet and as a writer, who deep in my heart, wish them all the luck,all the wisdom, that they need, to move on, succeed and someday, make Vista Grande, a beautiful, serene, and peaceful place to live in...You see, no one knows that I write and no one reads what I write...But just the same,I am mighty proud to know you all, and be a part of your unselfish undertakings...

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Hmmmm...a beautifully composed prose-poem, brimming with sincere positivity. I hope I join you and add a poem on your theme one of these days, God-willing....
Welldone fellow poet/poetess....welldone...keep it up...