I'll Borrow You Until Forever

Love Poems

As I await, this trials God has bestowed us

As we see them fight for their last breath

As they gazed at us with teary eyes

Can I ask for you to be my angel

Can you hold my hand so I'll be stronger

Will you be by my side when the time comes

Will you help me wipe my tears away

Tell me that letting go will not be painful

Will you stay with me, until I am calmer

Will you watch over me, when I'm asleep

Sing me lullabies, I used to remember

Tell our Gods, I'll borrow you until forever

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When two brothers are about to say goodbye, is it possible to borrow an angel?

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meso's picture

A poem that elaborates the need for hope and optimism in a world full of folly...and we borrow 'forever' God's loving grace to lighten our burdens. Milton.