Don't You Know?

Love Poems

Let me gather you some roses

Let me bring you some wine

Let me hug you in the morning

Let me blow you my kisses

And you think I could not do this

Just because you're far away

All you ask are lots of prayers

Not to forget your memory

But don't you know I can do more?

Don't you know I dream of you

Don't you know I always think of you

Don't you know I still love you so

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

what a beautiful love poem!!!!!!!

vilmazab's picture

hhhhmmmm!!!!! how great is your...lucky guy.

twincities's picture

The love you expressed in this poem seems so unconditional. Anyone should feel honored to have someone who loves them unconditionally.
Unfortunantly, some people don't know. Which is the reason I think the poem 'dont you know' is so needed to be read.

Moncies A. Franco

heatherburns35's picture

very nice girlfriend. keep it up.