When I can't sleep

Love Poems

As midnight creeps again, I am so madly awake, thinking of all my sheep, those poor things stumbling down, and I am counting one, until I reached my tens, my hundreds and so much more, and still I am so awake.

As midnight creeps again, I'm looking at my page, so blank, so white and stark, telling me to just start and write those little notes, or write those corny poems, or just write what comes to my mind, and maybe I will fall asleep.

As dawn starts to creep, I start to wonder why, this longing to just stare, at all of what is there, in front of me is clear, a picture of you dear,so handsome and so still, and  realized that yes, it's time to go to sleep, and dream of all my sheep, my numbers and you dear...

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Afzal Shauq's picture

wow you chose a good way to write..thats why you write very sweet and i like your way of expression and especially when you are opening heart with poetic and romantic way..well done..really a good and impressive write..enjoyed it a lot