In My Wanderings

Love Poems

In my wanderings, I see places and faces.

In my wanderings, I know I will remember.

Not only memories and knowledge I gather.

Not only Broadway plays and dances.

Not only museums,old churches, and sceneries,

But a lot more than I can gather,

A lot more than I can imagine.

In my wanderings,colors play up with nature,

leaves become golden, and streets are covered

with white paintings. Full moons are a lot bigger,

and I can even dance with the Dolphins.

In my wanderings, I came to love what God has created,

what nature has become, and what mankind has discovered.

Alone in my wanderings, in awe with my discoveries, and at

peace with my being, I will continue my journey, loving

every minute of it, and grateful of what has my wanderings

brought into my life.

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heatherburns35's picture

Hi Vilma,
In My Wanderings is very nice. I enjoyed
it very much. I have went to two new web sites,
entering poems. Am starting to enter my life
story. Plus other projects I am doing. Which
I spoke to you about. Be good, Hope your friend
is love of your life. when you meet him.