Hello Dennis!


Hello, Dennis, well hello, Dennis,

it's so nice to see your name in my inbox sign.

I thought I'd lost you, somewhere in time,

but just like the wind, you came back to shine.

You have not grown older, from the last time I saw you.

You still carry the beard, in your face so well,

the smile is well posted, and the eyes are still clear,

even your letters are still friendly and kind.

I hope you are happy, wherever you are,

in your beautiful garden, with your flowers and plants,

and maybe someday, and may Destiny will,

we meet in this lifetime and see what we can plan.

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I really love this poem and not just because it is about me but also because it tells me so much about who you are as a person. It come from your heart and shows your feelings, hopes, desires and so much more between the lines. And most of all, it tells me you care.