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Love Poems

I had the privileged of talking to a very wise man, a very long time ago.I was young then, and just like the rest, I was not so wise by then. But I was what you would call a very attentive and a very persistent listener when you catch my attention and interest.

I would sit on his lap, and looked at his eyes, for in his eyes, I saw wisdom,love, and I knew that the lessons he taught me were ones to be remembered and kept for as long as I live.His hair was turning grey, the wrinkles in his face was visible and the laugh lines were, what I adored, cuz when I see it, I knew that he was happy.

Oh! he talked a lot about the Golden Rule,about the beauty of the Universe,of finding my place under the Sun,of why I am loved and protected,and that someday, I will fall in love with this man who will sweep me off my feet and live happily ever after.

But of all the wisdom and the stories he said, there is this lesson that I will never forget. He called it the Time Line,in very simple words, he said that finding your true love and happiness, will all depend on the time line, between me and the man that I will love,for however you will, and however you want it to be,if time will not allow it, then all is not meant to be.

I was young then but now that wisdom has caught up with me, I cannot but agree to what the wise man said,only thing is, he said it in a very old and ancient way, not knowing that what he simply meant was that....In this life, timing is an essence, the very core, the very reason, why we achieve what we really want to achieve, and why we are happy with the choice that we make.

Dedicated to my very wise and loving father, you are dearly missed and greatly remembered.


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heatherburns35's picture

Hi Vilma,
Very beautiful, for a beautiful father.
I know how you loved him. Very sweet.