In Silence

Love Poems

             In Silence

It is in silence, that we hear our heartbeat.

It is in silence, that I felt you kissed me.

It is in silence, that my mind remembered,

in silence, when I realized how much I miss you.

The hush of the wind,is lullaby to my senses.

The hum of the trees, are music to my ears,

the songs of the nightingale, lulls me to sleep,

but it is in silence that I see your face.

To wake up in time, I pray, I can do,

cause the silence in the starry sky,might not open

my eyes, and I don't want to go on, not knowing

if you, are waiting for me, so we can start anew.

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Yes, it is in silence that we find our answers to our questions. I needed this in my life now. VK