A Little Bit Later

Love Poems

I write this letter, to you my only friend, nothing was clear, when I went away, even my mind was hazy and giddy, maybe because I was too happy with my reverie.

I hope you're reading this message,that I am sending, you see, you never told me, if you  like Poetry. I take it upon myself, that since you are brilliant, Poetry would be an instant attraction.

I will have to settle some emotional deliberations, it does entail a lot of examination, if I go on,my heart will be in motion, and in the end , it will be crying from sensation.

So I will wait, when the right time is coming, someday, somehow,I know it will happen, so for now, may I say this with candor, is it okay to love you, a little bit later.


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heatherburns35's picture

Hey Girlfriend,
We might publish that book sosmeday.
Send me your address, and I will send you
a chapbook I am making up. Put it in my guest book.


vilmazab's picture

How many times do we rest our heart, from loving and crying.If it is meant to be it will be...v and t.

twincities's picture

This is very intimate. I relate to it, as I have felt this way once or twice in my life. I. Like it. It draws me in. Good job.

Moncies A. Franco