Swimming with the Dolphins

Love Poems

Oh, to be free and be caged in

it was the only way to be

though, I never thought it would happen

but it did one shimmering and sunny day

I had to ride a motorized small boat

and in a flash, was tranported to a Stadium

built in the middle of the sea

I thought James Bond would greet me on my way

And there, I saw them playing,

jumping and kissing, balls and small kids

feeding them and enjoying, and in a moment I

know, I'll be joining, the Dolphins and the fishes

Leaving all the worries, this life is ready

to offer, but all I know, is that just for this

moment, this very wonderful moment, I am, caged in,

but happy and free, swimming with the Dolphins,

my heart is singing, oh yes, my heart is singing

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

great piece reminds me of years ago when I went to seaworld in Fla and another time when I went to Mystic ct to the seaquarium . Great places to see life at its simple best!