A Wish

Love Poems

I use to wish for my lucky star,

to send me someone I can call my own.

I use to wish for my genie friend,

to send me wishes that's my very own.

I got that someone, who loved me truly,

with a song in his heart, for me only.

My wish was granted,magically,

only it ended,right away.

Now I am wishing for my lucky star,

for another someone to call my own.

And this time I'm wishing, that he is

not someone's very own.

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heatherburns35's picture

That would be nice. At least be honest
about it. Maybe it can happen, who knows.


Lesa Gay's picture

If I have not thanked you for your sweet visit over the weekend I do so now my friend.

I too could feel the pain in this write. It seems that your love belonged to another, but your love is waiting just beyond your wishing star. Want to bet?

Beautifully heartfelt as always,

heatherburns35's picture

Hi Vilma,
Enjoyed reading poem. I'm sure someone
will be there for you. And he will be a
very lucky dude.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

very evocative and can feel your pain in this piece..great write..