They say being alone is a misery,

they say being alone is a tragedy,

even in your reverie, you are lonely,

and people look at you, with pity.

I used to be one,when I opened my eyes,

then I became two,when I met you.

At first we were only three,we thought

it to be,but ended to be four, along the way.

Then you all went away, one permanently,

the rest just settled,so far away.

Now I'm alone unexpectedly,and took life

without questions,eventually.

Am I really alone,lonely and grouchy?

cause when I dream at night, you are with me.

One call at the telephone,their voices

are in glee,So maybe, just maybe,

I am alone... but happy as can be.

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heatherburns35's picture

All it takes is one phone call,
from a certain someone, and we
know we are really not alone.
Maybe a soul mate is checking in.
Get my drift.


Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I can relate to this piece. After having a place to myself for almost ten years come this Sept. now having to make the move I have to make I'm going in to a place with no privacy,no real space to call my own and I can say even though maint people at this complex were a pita at least Ihad my privacy and no I did not feel alone. I had my local friends who would call, visit, vice verse and if i wanted to be alone totally I could. I could come and go when I wanted without dealing with someone elses idiosyncracies or time schedules and I will dearly miss that till I can get a job and get another place on my own. Once in a while I would have liked company but in the overall picture I liked living alone. I know what you mean about people playing the pity game if you live alone and I don't really understand it myself.

phil_carcione's picture

Loved ones may go away permanently but I like to think we will join them someday.