It does make sense 2

Love Poems

it does make sense why i love being alone

i snore in my sleep and no one is irritated

when i am grouchy and blue, nobody knows

when i am happy and carefree, i have a party,

and nobody tells me to watch on my budget.

when i put on weight, i never panic

when i lose more weight ,the more i can flirt

when i squander my money, poor me

and yes, accounting was a subject i never miss

and when i get sick,i lie in my bed

no one is sorry, no one is stress

cuz all i do is hire my maid

but when i am lonely and i want some company

it's still ok with me, cuz being carefree,

alone and happy, is how i want it to be

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It does make sense 2

yes it all does make sense...Takes us awhile to figure it out...nice...heather