A Woman And A Man

Love Poems

You are a Man

I am a Woman

Fill in the Blanks

And I'll take it from there

You are a Man, I am a Woman

Let's make up a pact

Not to break our hearts

An affair to remember

Let's color them in amber

A Woman and a Man

This life couldn't exists

Many have tried,not to be one

But loneliness in life

No one would have it

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heatherburns35's picture

Hi Vilma,
An affair to remember would be nice.
Better than a lot of bad feelings.
Enjoyed the read. Later


heatherburns35's picture

A man and a woman, that's
what this life is all about.

heatherburns35's picture

I am a woman, he is a man.
There is an attraction there.
What is one to do? I want to
touch him,and.......what am I
to do vilma. hahahahah