Who Cares

Love Poems

If only you can see me now

I'm writing poems and some prose

I've lost some weights and even warts

even my teeth are straightened out

If only you can see me now

I'm dancing well and eating right

even my DI's are surprised

the way my steps are so concise

they ask me why I've changed a lot

when you were around I was so fat

even my eyes were bad and blurred

and my allergies won't disappear

I myself can't understand

why I let go when we were one

complacency that's what you call it

when you're married and you get bloated

but don't you worry my loving man

beauty they say is in the eyes of

of the beholder,up in that place where you

are now,who cares what we look down here

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rosalind's picture

Your poems are thoughtful and very direct,within few months
you have churned out a lot,may be you will write a book one day.Good luck.