Untitled -- 2.19.2009

Love Poems

I'm sleepy now,but my fingers won't stop

It's clicking letters,sending words

forming a sentence, then it stops

I'm reading now, and I want to share

what this fingers said,so beautiful and

true,so sad and yet,so necessary to tell

Peace to the World! this big enormous

world,as I lay in my bed tonight,can you

give me a second,a minute, even a sigh

And just remember,that this simple,short

meaningful,important words are the only

tool for the whole humanity to survive  

So goodnight my fellowmen,may you lay in

the sweet embrace of your love ones,cuz

in the end, they are who matters most

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Afzal Shauq's picture

vilma...thanks about peace to make it be ensured...lol...and sure the humanity will be survived if your type of talented (whom I name THE EIGHTH OLOUR ..which not appearing the effect is always over there)will express love in sincerity , the humanity will be secured and upto the mark...great poem is this too... missing your comments...but hope you do in detailed way...thanks