A Long Distance Affair

Love Poems

I dreamt of you last night

I met you at the pier

and togehter we ate some pie

you had to come and visit me

it was an arragement we did agree

I had to leave the place

where we met and had some fun

so I packed my bags and with a

heavy heart, I had to say goodbye, and

then I knew,all will not be right

A long distance affair

I always have some qualms

how can it ever work

when two hearts so in love,

parting just because,

one of us can't stay put

we tried it for a while

letters we did write

emails was not in vogue

and when all became so vague

t'was time to say goodbye

did it all come to a waste

no, no, my dear do not fret

our love will never cease

I will be back just wait and see

and long distance affair will never be

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Lesa Gay's picture

Long distance affairs even with the greatest of love within the hearts of two people is awfully hard to pull off. Maybe one day though? Very enjoyable read. Thank you so much for dropping in on myself and Aspiring today
with you sweet heart print.


heatherburns35's picture

HI Vilma,
Very nice,not the right time, or the place place. It will happen for you someday.

phil_carcione's picture

Some things just aren't meant to be........but don't stop trying.