You are my heart

Love Poems

I thought when I am old

you'll age together with me

I thought when I slow down

you'll beat a little bit

I thought when memories fade

the pain will disappear

but I know that when I die

you'll be inside of me

but while I am still here

you're still as young as you have been

you beat the same for the man I care

and gets excited when he is near

you arouse the feelings I use to have

the dreams I had, your willing to go back

I find it strange why my mind wanders

but you my heart,still ponders

and as the saying goes, it's just as well

together life can still be swell

you and I can travel far

and find the happiness I long to share

so my dear,dear heart,don't you grow old

stay as young forever more

and when it's time for us to go

we'll leave this world a happy duo

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This is very sweet. If it could always

vilmazab's picture

you're right, it never grows old, and I am scared cuz how do we deal with the fact that we will be physically old with a young heart.scarrrryyyy. Dudjie E.