Maybe Someday Soon

Love Poems

And as we sit in my little balcony,

Sipping our favorite wine in hand,

Isn't it lovely to reminisce the times,

When our friendship started with a little hello.

Then I remember the times, when so alone and

I wonder why, loneliness creeps in sometimes.

And I write you just to say, Hi, it's nice to

know, a friend in verse,is always there by my side.

Then we dream that maybe someday soon,

This little island will weave it's magic wand,

And we find ourselves together hand in hand,

Talking how we can make our H/V Agency have some glam!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to a very special friend, a kind soul, whose poems have touched our hearts, and whom I will always keep as my friend forever in verse.

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rosalind's picture

You have the talent to pour out your soul in letters,dont forget to relate this gift in adoring He that gave you the miracle of life. Success!