Before You Go Away!

Love Poems

Choose our songs my love, and I will sing with you

In your arms, I will, I will dance with you

I will cuddle close, so you can keep me warm

I will close my eyes, pretend it to be true

Call my name my love, and I will turn around

The sound so clear, the wind will bring

The birds will help, it will even sing

I am back my girl, no more lonely tears

Hold me close and stay, a little longer please

Let the breeze brush in, a moments happiness

As I remember you, when we were so in love

A little longer please, before you go away.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

outstanding piece,touches the heart deeply and you can envision the couple-you/hubby and the beautiful memories you made/had together. ..

heatherburns35's picture

You have been very lucky, to have
had a beautiful love affair. That is
not meant for everyone. Just for special
people like you. good job. H

Jeremy Hapka's picture

reminds me of what im going through with my current girlfriend very well written

Afzal Shauq's picture

wow what a romantic love song type poem and i feel like there is a music and you are dancing with your beloved who is alway with you and inside your heart .. yeah really a sweet and rich poem..i can feel and enjoy it..and thinking that you are really a true poetess.well done..lovely