The Internet

I thought I had to die, for my questions to be answered.

I thought I had to grow old, for my wanderings to end.

I waited many summers, winters and spring.

cause I don't want to be labelled,dumb or naive.

I go to my dictionary,when my spellings are wrong.

I go to the Book Store, when my recipe is on.

I read lot's of books, when looking for quotations.

I copy my love letters, from love stories and friends.

Then one day Joe told me, a handy PC is all I need,

and learn how to surf, and browse in the internet.

To my surprised, indeed he was right,lots of my

questions,are answered with pride,

Now I am glued to this game in the Web,

I can skip breakfast, dinners or lunch,

If only it can answer, my innermost desire,

next to my God, interneting may you thrive!

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rosalind's picture

Great discovery indeed,ride on with a white horse but ponder your route. Success!

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I don't want to be labelled, dumb or naive.


I don't think that will happen.