You Are Someone Special

Love Poems

You are someone special, always and will be.

You are someone dear, you've always known that to be.

Nothing can break that, nor erase what we shared.

Fate came between us, and the rest was history.

We will always be special, you to me, and me to you.

Isn't it lovely to know that we are not alone.

We talk in our dreams and we share all our thoughts.

If only in our letters, I am glad you're okay.

So let's be happy, we found each other again.

Life is really funny, tricky and mysterious.

Just when we thought that we will never meet again.

Our interrupted talks are resuming once again.

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heatherburns35's picture

Life sure is tricky.
I can vouch to that.
Nice poem.


phil_carcione's picture

Isn't it great when we reconnect with old friends.