My House On The Hill

Love Poems

If you can only speak, you will never stop, complaining and cursing the way you turned out to be. So dirty and so gloomy, so empty and so dusty. But what do you expect, you were only rented out, you never belonged to them, and will never be. It will always be this way, for as long as you are turned over, to a tenant or a stranger.

Then it is time for them to go, and finally I came back to you, Oh! if you can only speak, if you can only hug me, if you can only shout and say, welcome back my lady, I longed to be with you again, please light my doorways this time, let the verandas see the beauty of your sorroundings, your vista, and your sunsets..Let the moon come out, and let it shine amidst the beauty of the blue waters and the skies.

Water my plants, let the lush and the flowers bloom, and display it once more, in your outdoors, and in your living room, and in all the corners of this house.

Oh! I miss you too, remember the days and nights, when all alone, I can almost reach the sky, and when the moon is full, it speaks to me, and together with my melody, I dance and just thank my God, how bless I have been to have my house on top of the hill.

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heatherburns35's picture

I'll bet your house on the hill,
was glad to see you back home.
Refreshing its beauty. Enjoyed the read.