Love Poems


TiC,Tac,Tic,Tac,the clock is ticking,

my mind is clicking,my heartbeat

racing,cuz in a little while,my mom

is coming.

My grades are falling and my teacher's

complaining,my eyes are blurring,every

time I'm seeing,Oh!love you're so


Please mom,be understanding, my girlfriend

is so enticing,she's like an angel from heaven,

sent to watch you when you'll be aging,so mom,

please mom,tell my teacher I'LL be behaving.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

dear vilma..its so impressive and sweet poen done in great idea..love it very much..hey .. you are so good poetess and wish to read your all poems.. thanks for comments and hope you never stop commneting as I ... thanks