A Beautiful Smile


How come I always bet, my beautiful smile,

as if it will erase my tears,whenever I cry,

but with some luck, and a roll of the dice,

I just might win, and take home the golden prize.

A beautiful smile, can go a long way,

Mona Lisa did it, and look at her today,

so why can't I do it,who knows I might be lucky,

this world could be my oyster,filled with sweet memory.

So I will keep on smiling, and tilt my head a bit,

someday I might find you,looking for me.

But if I loose you, in this game that we all play,

then let me just smile and say,"c'est la vie."

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Lesa Gay's picture

Somehow I knew that with you, you carry a beautiful smile.

Enjoyed very much.


heatherburns35's picture

Hey Girl,

Like your poem. Real nice.
In the butterfly Game Last two lines,
That girl is not going to play the
game. Get my drift.


heatherburns35's picture

hi Vilma,
A beautiful smile will win hearts, I've been told.
Nice write. Enjoyed it.