A Respite

I am resting, a respite, a stillness, a moment to listen to my heartbeat,contemplation, and a time to listen to what my wind is saying. We all need to rest, we all need to take time out from the noise and the hustle and the bustle of life.And in the silence, you will be surprised what you can discover, you will understand what your heart is singing, you will know the reason why you are living.

If we go on, and when we hurry, we loose our sense of the right direction we are aiming, then we tumble down, straight face down to the ground,then we hurt ourselves, then we get cut,and bruised, and we bleed, and we cry.Then there is no emotion as painful as being hurt,then we need time to heal again, then we need time to recover,but this is just the sad part, the getting over can kill.

So before the pain comes, say those prayers you are familiar with,take hold of your senses and your heart,especially your heart, cause it is brittle, it is soft, it can clogged, it can beat a million heartbeats, but it can also talk straight in your mind, it can tell you many things, like " be careful with your heart, it may be small and unseen, but when broken,

it can send you to unspoken heartaches and pain.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I agree we need moments of silence from chaos,everyday routine and of course heartbreak to take time to mend..