oh girl with those pretty eyes,

listen i have no disguse,

hard to see with eyes wide closed,

trying to commit instead i just froze,

i'll admit maybe i don't know

3 years long here we grow

i'll try, you fly, here we are say goodnite

oh high, oh higher can you see the light

don't forget its long gone to fight

once more i'll be a new invention

give you more of this selection

keep me and i'll make your dreams true

and this is what i mean when i say i love you

words don't express emotion

how could language inside your head

transfer through the ocean

of those feelings inside your soul

instead it causes a comotion

you know the conflict inside you dread

blind faith and utter devotion

i'll be the dirt to fill your whole

weather age fix that erosion

sometime down the line you see we wed

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